Tara works across the spectrum of short form content, including award winning shorts, commercials, music promos and corporate work. This year she has had the honour of being selected as one the of BFI Network x BAFTA Crew, as well as being selected as one of the BIMA 100 Awardees in the Challengers & New Thinkers category. Tara is also Albert Trained.

Her work includes production, assistant directing and production design.

Tara is currently a Head of Production at F5 Films, though she is also available for freelance work and commissions.

For a full list of credits, please drop Tara a line via the Contact page. Alternatively you can view selected narrative credits on Tara's IMDb page, here.

Thank you.

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Past client and collaborator comments:

'Tara has a tenacity towards her craft and a curiosity which always results in insightful questions that make me think deeper about my own craft.'


'Tara is great to have on your side if it ever turns south and will promptly inject you with courage and charisma that'll get you off your bottom and force you to concentrate. She's resourceful, powerful and a great communicator but most importantly she's become a great friend and I can't wait to work more with her in the future.'


'I admire Tara’s words, recommendations and business skills. Tara has done so well and it's inspiring to see her journey unfold.'


'Tara has great leadership and a clear direction on what she wants to do. I feel like she is be able to achieve whatever is thrown at her in a project.'


'Tara has challenged me by being such a go getter. She is very motivated on driving her projects forward.'


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