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The story of a 15 year old cocaine dealer.


Director: Charlotte Regan
Production Companies/Support: Knucklehead, BFI Future Film & Bold Content.

Producer: Tara Trangmar
Director of Photography: Arran Green
Starring: Mitchell Brown & Charlotte Lancaster
Voiceover: Alfie Stewart

Composer: Patrick Jonsson
Sound Recordist & Design: Michael Ling
Art Director: Elena Muntoni
1st AD: Jordi Estape
Steadicam Op: Charlie Rizek
Executive Producers: Noel Goodwin, Blackmagic, Matthew Brown, Tim Katz, Adam Neale.
Production Managers: Joanna Marciszewska & Alfie Chambers
1st AC: Beau Pritchard James
2nd AC: Eliot Poyzer
Camera Trainee: Ilya Major
Gaffer: Jake Buckley
Sparks: Sam Baker & Ross Brown
Grip Assist: Josh Cob
Driver: David Burridge
BTS Photographer: Sarah Boezalt
Colourist: John Layton
Editor: Charlotte Regan

Older Boys: Tian Scott, Miles Walters, Marley Pitsillides
Customers: Ciaran Burke, Daniel Kemp, Milly Roberts, Zoe Watson, Jack Sunderland
Friends: Baxter Willoughby, Angus Taylor, Jaidel Burke, Leo Pitsillides
Police: Nick Lester
Runner: Ben Sheridan


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A day in the life whilst gender transitioning.



Writer & Director: Abel Rubinstein

Producers: Tara Trangmar & Ludwig Meslet

1st Assistant Director: Tara Trangmar

Director of Photography: Izzie Jones

Production Designer: Niall McKeever

Costume: Aziza Kardyrova

Make Up: Daniella Rose

1st Assistant Camera: Luke Priadi

2nd Assistant Camera: Alex Hunter

Camera Trainee: Georgie Palmer Milton

DIT: Alex Shipman

Gaffer: Kacprt Jaszcz

Spark: Henry Dixon

Sound Recordist: Freddie Nevison

Runner: Jade Sky

Editor: Abel Rubinstein

Assistant Editor: Georgie Palmer Milton

Casting Director: Cameron Culver

Assistant Producer: Boris Lours-Riou

BTE Photographer: Conor Georgia

Music Composers: Henry Webb-Jenkins

Colourist: Nigel Tadyanehondo

Sound Designer & Mix: Jamie Gamache


Special Thanks: Roundhouse 


Blake: Pete MacHale

Cane: Ludovic Jean-Francois

Rachel: Atlanta Hayward





An LGBT+ pub is taken over by the HETEROS; Tate & Bunny lead a mission to take it back. 



Writer & Director: Abel Rubinstein

Producers: Tara Trangmar & Ludwig Meslet

Creative Producer: Phillip Warnell

1st Assistant Director: Adrian Tauss

2nd Assistant Director: Mihaela Morion

Director of Photography: Izzie Jones

Production Designer: Ashton Attsz

Art Assistants: Paloma Grimm & Milly Zoe Constanti

Prop Buyer: Layla Bradbeer

Costume: Aziza Kardyrova

Make Up: Daniella Rose

Make Up Assistant: Ibtissam El Azami

1st Assistant Camera: Hermes Contreras & Alex Shipman

2nd Assistant Camera: Alex Hunter

Camera Trainee: Georgie Palmer Milton

DIT: Louis Byrne

Gaffer: Dan Morgan & Max Conran

Spark: Alex Farqar

Sound Recordist: Tom Blawat

Runner: Thomas Heydecker

Editor: Abel Rubinstein

Assistant Editor: Georgie Palmer Milton

Colourist: Nigel Tadyanehondo

Commissioning Exec for the BBC: Stephen James-Yeoman


Music: Ari Blac, Tallulah Turner-Fray, Hannah Waterman, Lucy Priddle, Victoria Lewis


Special Thanks: ICA, BBC Arts, Arts Council


Narration: Louis Romanus


Cast: Sukey Wilis, Maria Goundry, Ioannis Spyridoyiannakis, Alan Goodman, Ari Black, Caroline Ortoli, Tane Stevens, Sheiva Palizban, Luke Nichols, Ekaterina Voziyanova, Pete MacHale, 





How technology can ruin lifelong friendships.



Writer & Director: Rolfin Nyhus

Producers: Tara Trangmar & Rolfin Nyhus

Director of Photography: Magda Kowalczyk

Editor: Catriona Delbridge

Casting Director: Cameron Culver

Production Designer: Katie South

Costume: Shara Johnson

Titles & Animation: David Hedberg

Hair & Make Up: Carla Francesca

VFX: Guy Pearson

Colourist: Vincenzo Onorato

Sound Design: Liam Cameron

Assistant Directors: Julia Amann & Tara Trangmar

1st Assistant Camera: Lou McNamara & Agne Denapaite

2nd Assistant Camera: Rebecca McCoach

Camera Trainee: Evelina Zilobaite

Gaffer: Jakub Jachowicz

Script Supervisor: Cressida Marchan

Script Advisors: Adam Anson & Steve Brumwell

DIT: Elliot Chyl & Vincenzo Onorato

Sound Recordist: Tom Blawat

Art Assistant: Serrena Jaegar

Photographer: Karli Haava

Acting Coach: Gemma Yates-Round


Special Thanks:

Adam Anson

Procam Camera Hire

Daven, Emilie, Alois

Robert Kaniepien

Dreamland Amusement Park

Thanet Council

Ellie Rofe

The Mechanical Elephant Public House & Staff

Femi & Fam

Velatin Leblanc

Jean-Arneau Filtness


Kirsty: Eleanor Shaw

Meesha: Eva Bradley-Williams

Tony: Declan Spaine

Jimmy: David Binder




A young boy finds a day of happiness away from his abusive father.




Director - Nas Lamnouar

Producer - Tara Trangmar

Director of Photography - Ray Miller Davis

1st Assistant Director - Nick Sotiris Neo

1st Assistant Camera - Jeremy Lawton

2nd Assistant Camera - Rhys Warren

Editor - Christopher Chance

Sound Recordist - Nick Grant

Driver (UK) - David Burridge

Driver (Morocco) - Mustafa Saghiri

Sound Mix - Fionn Lucas

Music - Jacob Statter

Colourist - Christopher Chance

Fixer - Halima Benmustapha

Fixer - Brahim Benmustapha

Fixer - Najat Benmustapha

Fixer - Khalid Benmustapha

Project Supervision - Paul Moody


Soufiyan - Amine Saghri

Rowan - Hafssa Bourra

Jamal - Momad Elinamy

Market Seller - Brahim Benmustapha


Special Thanks



Fatima Lamnouar

Joanna Trangmar

Radia Aadnan




In a therapy session, a young girl realises her world is not what it seems.



Writer and Director - Ed Mannion

Producer - Tara Trangmar

Director of Photography - Sal Redpath

Executive Producer - Kate Mannion

Executive Producer - Adriana Randall

Project Supervision - Paul Moody

Co-Writer - James Mannion

Production Designer - Milly Wild

1st Assistant Director - Harry Goodchild

1st Assistant Camera - Jake Loft

2nd Assistant Camera - Joseph Peron

Steadicam - Beau Pritchard

Gaffer - Matthew Simmons

Best Boy - Toby Buchan

Spark - Cipriano Gertrudes

Spark - Will pope

Spark - Maddie Davies

Spark - Natasha Duursma

Sound Recordist - Jerome Watson

Script Supervisor - Cressida Marchant

SFX - Lucy Setchell

Art Assistant - Charlie Brookes

Driver - David Burridge

Production Assistant - George Mannion

Production Assistant - Hannah Legg

Editor - Ed Mannion

Sound Design - Jerome Watson

Elliot Lampitt - Classical Composition

Synth Composition - David Jones & Dan Coia


Adriana Randall

Charlie Field

Cameron Essam

James Mannion

Izzy Knopfler

Hannah Legg

Coral Sinclair Fenn


Special Thanks to


Joanna Trangmar

Nadia Ward



Scape, Greenwich

Ravensbourne University


Music promo for the artist Kidä in collaboration with F5 Films. Featured on Dazed.

Director - Ava Leoncavallo 

Producer & 1st AD - Tara Trangmar

DoP - Sal Redpath


Social media campaign for Christmas and Burns night, in collaboration with Made By Berlin and OLIVER AGENCY.

Director = Ste Hinde

Producer - Tara Trangmar

DoP - Ben Coverdale


Commercial series for the US shredder brand Ideal. In collaboration with Biscuit Bunker and Speak Media.


Directors - Elliott Hickey & Tom Neish

Producer = Tara Trangmar