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Please take a look around my site. Depending on the kind of work you are interested in, I have both narrative and commercial pages.

Please see a list of my laurels below as well as a recent review of my work.

Tara is the brilliant three way combination of creative, entrepreneurial and practical, which makes an astounding producer. More importantly, she thinks outside of structures and is looking to redefine the role of the creative film producer. She speaks about this being one of collaboration and creative realisation, not just a numbers and paper pusher role. To give this creditability, in the same way we have esteemed writers and directors, she believes her slate should reflect her as a creative - in the same way an auteur director’s films can be identified as theirs - and this has come naturally to Tara as she throws herself into scripts with themes that she has a passion and affinity for. These visions and values being, female empowerment, working class culture and community.


I will be specific and highlight some examples in her work;


In her 2018 film, Drug Runner, with director Charlotte Regan and funded by The BFI, the story of a 13 year old drug dealer is told. This reconstructed documentary is narrated with a voice over, recorded by an actor from a script taken verbatim from an interview with a young adult who went through this very experience. Here she speaks to a fringe socioeconomic hardship in her home city.


In her 2020 film Dungarees, with director Abel Rubinstein, which went on to screen on Channel 4 and receive a DVD and Blu Ray deal, we see an honest insight to the human struggles of gender transitioning and how community will always pull through these.


In her 2021 film Weekend Dad, with director Dorothy Allen Pickard and funded by BBC and The BFI, we see how family separation and work stressors can cause an individual to crumble, reflecting again on socioeconomic pains.


In her 2022 film The Girls’ Room, with director Tracey Lopes and starring BAFTA winner Bukky Bakray, funded by The BFI with support from Pulse Films, we see three sisters share a formative summer in a council flat bedroom. Here, sisterhood and femininity are explored in a deep yet innocent context.


In her 2023 film Does Your Condom Make You Fat, with director Sophie King and funded by Girls In Film, the paradigm of pregnancy is flipped to occur in a man’s body. With humour, this film lays bare the responsibilities of contraception that are expected of women in society, to the shock of many male audiences.


In 2023, Tara produced two commercial campaigns, both speak to female empowerment, The Waves for MTV’s Women’s Month with BAFTA winning director Sindha Agha & 1000Victories for Nike and TikTok along side the Women’s World Cup.


Similarly in previous years, her popular festival films, The Gossip, Monico Perseus and WINK all speak to themes of working class difficulties. 


Her scripted projects are all housed under the production company F5 Films, of which she is a co-founder and director.


A clear creative through line is identifiable in her work, in a way that is not seen among other producers. This is where I believe she is pioneering in her field.

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