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Drawing from my knowledge and skills from the industry, I create uniquely personalised crafted films. I am able to fuse creativity and beauty to make your day into a lasting joy which will refresh you years later of your celebration. Film captures far more than photography alone, bringing an image to life and allowing you to experience again the sounds and vibrancy of your precious day.


Your film can be styled in any way, be it vintage, classic, strong and striking or something a little more bespoke to you. Choose from a variety of formats for your wedding to be filmed in. Including a three to four minute compilation to your favorite music of all the best moments of the day! If you prefer, I will also film your entire ceremony so not a moment is missed. Full filming of the reception is of course standard. This often makes for some of the most nostalgic memories.  There is also the option to film pre-wedding, for example the bride in preparation, the reception and ceremony venues in preparation, guests arriving.


If you have an idea of what you would like your film to look like, I design mood boards and shot lists at a small additional fee, so that you can really have control of what you want your living memory to look like.


Essentially I will film anything from your wedding that you want to keep. All weddings vary in price and production depending on your specification. I would be glad to discuss your plans as early as possible so as to give everything the necessary planning. I look forward to hearing your exciting plans and wish you all the best on your wedding day.

Keep them forever




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